[CSM9] Proc’s List for the CSM9 Elections

The Council of Stellar Management, I feel, is an opportunity for the playerbase to voice themselves through proper representation to CCP and the development and community teams. I’ve been asked by a fair many how I intend to vote this year, and below is my list for CSM9.

Please note: I am voting playstyle, as I feel that it is important to ensure diversity in playstyles on the CSM, followed by the candidates that I feel will work well as a team and produce a successful term on CSM9. Thank you.

1. Proclus Diadochu – Obviously, I’d love to serve on CSM9 and represent you. I think it would be counter productive to recommend a list for CSM9 and not ask to be you #1 choice. My experience and aptitude for this game, diplomacy, and communication have been apparent throughout my time in wormholes, null, and Faction Warfare, and I’d like to take that to the next level and represent our community.

2. Corbexx – My #2 and #3 spots were difficult, only because I’ve had time to get to know these two individuals much better lately and I’m learning quite a bit about how they conduct themselves. Corbexx is a strong candidate, and I think that he would make a fine CSM9 delegate. His experience, his friendliness, and his willingness to communicate with those he feels need help is amazing. He is very sincere about his desire to serve our community, and I sincerely hope to have the opportunity to serve with him on CSM9.

3. James Arget – Like I said, I’ve had time to get to know James better of late. My impression of him before my candidacy was a CSM8 delegate that I didn’t feel was visible. What I’ve learned is that his method of impacting change is direct interaction with CCP. He knows a lot about the game, he is willing to be frank when the time is appropriate, and he can articulate his point very well. As a wormhole candidate, he’s a top 5 on my list, and as a strong, knowledgeable wormhole leader, he’s a top 3.

4. Karen Galeo – Literally a #1 or #2 spot on my ballot for CSM10, assuming she continues to progress in the fashion she is currently achieving. Her aptitude and understanding of wormholes and Eve Online is impressive and I feel that she displays a willingness to listen and communicate that would make her a good delegate even this year. She’s a wormhole candidate, sharing my playstyle, which along with her performance this far, is in my top 5.

5. Asayanami Dei – Asay is an experienced wormholer, with a strong knowledge of wormhole mechanics and gameplay. He also is an advocate for third party and entertainment services. I feel that he represents a strong case for supporting new players, new wormholers, and has the understanding to represent the veteran wormholers as well. He’s the fifth member of this year’s Wormhole Five.

6. Ali Aras – Having spent the last month corresponding with Ali as my campaign has been kicking off, I’ve been impressed with her level of detail in answering my questions and issues. She is very supportive of the CSM process, and her visibility isn’t a question. I sincerely hope she returns on CSM9, as I greatly admired her performance on CSM8.

7. Psianh Auyvander – Someone who has become a recent friend, and honestly a guy who is sincerely determined to represent the playerbase to the best of his ability. Psianh and I started off similarly with the announced candidacy list impacting both of us. We had already been chatting since he is hoping to represent the Merc gamestyle, and I have spent a couple years as a Merc in this game. I think highly of Psianh and sincerely hope to serve with him on CSM9.

8. Mike Azariah – The self proclaimed “Casual Player” of New Eden, I’d have to say that Mike has proven to be far from that in terms of his commitment to CSM8. I’ve been thoroughly impressed by his performance this last year, and I sincerely hope that he returns to support and lead CSM9. His communication, approach-ability, and dedication have become something to be admired.

9. Sugar Kyle – This lady is the lowsec candidate that Eve Online deserves. She displays drive and determination to represent her community, and also has a firm grasp of the game and I look forward to an opportunity to serve with her on CSM9.

10. Mangala Solaris – Having the opportunity to meet Mangala last year at Eve Vegas, I was truly impressed by the sincerity and friendliness of this man. He genuinely seemed more interested in everyone around him, and was like sponge listening to ideas, concerns, issues, and overall Eve stories, as a group of us chatted atop the Rio. Mangala is the kind of person who I feel will continue to be a strong team player for CSM9, and has my recommendation.

11. Xander Phoena – One of the things I looked forward to this year was an opportunity to interview with Xander. I enjoyed and found his interviews to be crucial in support of the CSM process. I think innovators and people like Xander dedicated to improving the Eve community deserve the position to impact further change.

12. Steve Ronuken – Having the opportunity to meet Steve, as well, at Eve Vegas, I was impressed by his perseverance and dedication to serving and representing the highsec industrialists and third party development and integration with Eve Online. The diversity that Steve would bring to the CSM would be a desired change in my opinion.

13. Gorski Car – Gorski may be under the banner of Pandemic Legion, but he is not to be confused with other null-related candidates. Having crossed paths with him over the years, I sincerely believe that Gorski Car will bring solid representation for solo pvp and the small gang community. This is an area that I feel deserves and greatly needs consistent representation.

14. Aram Kachaturian – Aram seems like a diverse candidate and one that could be an asset on on CSM9, given the opportunity. He seems to have his eye set on innovation, which is something I always admire, and I hope to continue to follow his progress as he continues his run for CSM9

There are other great candidates, and I feel that many would serve well on CSM9. The above list is only based on my views and will be the list that I share with everyone that has asked for my opinion on this year’s candidates. Best of luck to everyone this year and may we continue to improve the CSM process and continue to have success working with CCP!



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