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After receiving a few requests, including a very long and well written evemail today about the issue, I’ve decided to take a few minutes out of the day to write an article on CCP Fozzie’s threadnaught regarding K162 signature/overlay delay. For those unaware, CCP Fozzie recently proposed an idea in the Wormholes sub-forum, which I quickly shared with Reddit asking us to discuss the idea’s merits and viability, which can be found here:

“The potential change would be to delay the appearance of the signature beacon when K162 dungeons spawn. This would prevent the dungeon from appearing on probe scans or the Sensor Overlay for up to a few minutes.” – CCP Fozzie

To provide some context, it is accepted that this began when CCP Greyscale and Team Five 0 introduced the Sensor Overlay with the Odyssey expansion to make scanning and exploration “more organically accessible.” The problem with this introduction was that this impacted how wormhole residents operated within our communities, as this now would indicate to players when a new signature populated into a solar system, which would warn them of visitors and potential aggressors in their area.

With this implementation, gone were the days of maintaining probes in system and requiring the vigilance of activity to stay “safe”, and began the era of “free intel” and an easier mode in wormhole space. Obviously, some liked this change, as it made gameplay easier, as some could relax their guard, simplify directional pinpointing, and gain free system-wide intel. Many disliked this change as it reduced chances of catching unvigilant pilots, surprise attacks, and unbalanced the odds in favor of the defender.

As this issue has been discussed a number of times, and was even brought up to CCP Fozzie at the recent wormhole townhall meeting, Fozzie clearly took the opportunity to address this issue and allow for community discussion. With his proposal however, the problem went from one side of unbalanced to the completely other side, and would now favor the aggressor, allowing them the opportunity to capitalize on their one-sided timer to seed unnoticed, surprise attack with relative ease, and destroyed any benefit from being vigilant in one’s solar system.

Through the 36 pages, there is quite a few ideas, and most of them lead to the overall issue being pointed out with the sensor overlay, and that active probing should remain unchanged, creating a benefit to vigilance and active scanning. From a CSM9 candidate perspective, I believe that since a wormhole is a signature, that it should always be probe-able from the moment it is active. There should be no delay in the signature appearing in system, once the K162 opens allowing for it to instantly be probe-able. If they wish to delay the sensor overlay or remove the sensor overlay, I don’t think that it would harm wormholes overall. CCP Fozzie has since clarified and reassured the community that:

“Nothing on this scale would be in the cards for the summer expansion, we’re not going to start changing things on this scale without giving them the discussion and feedback time they deserve.” – CCP Fozzie

It is important to note the importance of CCP Fozzie actually taking the time to open discussion of ideas before they are implemented as opposed to us needing to shoot a monument. I urge you to voice your opinion, beat the dead horse, or simply participate in the discussion.

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