Obstergo, A Brief History: Year Two

This is a continuation from my previous chapter: Obstergo, A Brief History: Year One

           As Obstergo began our partnership with Exhale, we moved in with the English speaking members in their C6 wormhole. We established our position in the fortress and worked well with our alliance counterparts. As obligations arose, Proc turned Obstergo over to Dasani Waters to run the day to day operations.

           Around March, the English speaking leadership in Exhale decided that since the alliance was split between wormholes, among some other reasons, that the decision should be made to separate from Exhale to form a different alliance. Obstergo and Probe Patrol were left out of this discussion, and eventually, we were asked if we’d join or leave. Reluctantly, the decision was made to stay with the new group, “Hole Control”. We collectively laughed at the name, which was then changed to Polarized.

           After the move to Polarized, DEEP, Explorer Corps, Probe Patrol, and Obstergo continued to run our mercenary operations. Sometime during our time with Polarized, Proc sent out a corp mail urging members to begin wearing redcoats to make killmails look cooler, mostly as a joke, but the idea took off and Obstergo members were beginning to wear the coats and began to be known as “redcoats”, which will come into focus more later. There were some issues, but mostly just member disagreements and some of our members were having problems with the EXCRP CEO, Max Leadfoot. At this point, Proc had become the second Polarized diplo along with Hathrul, which allowed a little bigger picture to the “establishment” that was formed in the wormhole community. Dasani and the directors worked to better relationships, but members continued to have problems with Max and other members.

           Eventually, we had a meeting, only to find out that other members in the other corps were having similar issues, leading to the consideration of removing Explorer Corps. Overall, it would seem Polarized was doomed to fail in it’s current iteration. Max was also pushing to add content for our membership by aligning with one of the null blocs and having sovereignty. This led to members complaining about defense of null space, required CTA’s, and other issues, which confused some leadership who thought that the null idea was a good option for our alliance members, “to add content.”

           This move essentially broke the camel’s back, and every corp began having corporate meetings to begin looking at different options. The conclusion was that Explorer Corps and Max be removed from Polarized. This led them to leave, so they wouldn’t be kicked. Afterward, Hathrul let the alliance maintenance bill lapse and Polarized collapsed. At this point, Dasani had burnt out of the CEO position and Thor66777 stepped up to run the corporation. Dasani returned to a director and Lead FC role. One of our members had also been talking with Tunakross from Bitten, who happened to be looking for a US timezone corporation. This led Obstergo to leaving, or well, not joining Polarized mk2, and instead moving to Bitten.

           During our transition and subsequent move from Polarized, a couple members of DEEP decided to rob their corp. This led to a few of our less scrupulous members assisting the thieves in their evacuation. Due to the tension, accusations, and fallout with Hathrul, Obstergo leadership didn’t stop this from happening. The former DEEP members turned out to be from Sniggwaffe, and a short time later, Hathrul was personally robbed, which he blamed on Obstergo, declaring us thieves and telling anyone who’d listen how we conspired and manipulated everyone to achieve our own diabolical agenda. Whatever, we lol’d.

           So we began our short journey with Bitten, which we quickly learned were very similar to our own playstyles. Tunakross and his Biters were a good group to fly with, and we found that the restrictions and dictatorial habits of previous groups didn’t exist for us in Bitten. Unfortunately, Tuna’s real world obligations prevented him from being able to dedicate time to the game, and we began to see members from his corp begin trickling away to form or join other corporations and alliances. Before too long, Proc and Jilozz decided to set up an alliance as a contingency for Obstergo, and amusingly decided to use the joke from our time and exit from Polarized, calling it the “Red Coat Conspiracy”.

           As Bitten faded, Obstergo moved into a C5/C2 called “Apsis”, and began our current adventure as the official Redcoats of New Eden. After meeting some of their members at Eve Vegas, Obstergo invited Daktaklakpak to join RCC. As RCC, we participated in the bloodiest battle in wormhole history with a group known as “Team Bob” versus our old alliance mates Explorer Corps and their allies. RCC decided that we would set up ourselves as an alliance that shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously and try to enjoy the game a little. And that is where we are now, moving into our new C6, as an alliance, looking to the future.

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