There’s Always a Bigger Fish

Recently, during the U.S. timezone, members of Exhale managed upon another wormhole group known as Black Mesa Complex. We attempted to snag a couple of them hanging out on their static, but they quickly routed to their POS, and began trolling us in local:

EVE System > Subspace communication beacon unreachable. Channel list unavailable.
Victus Drake > Hallo
Zeuin Dazera > o/
Victus Drake > Brunnen gespielt o/
Tribette > Guten abend
Zeuin Dazera > This looks like a nice system.
Amika Inspace > It is
Jovian Disciple > too bad youl never call it home 😦
Zeuin Dazera > Is that a challenge?
Jovian Disciple > indeed
Amika Inspace > Go ahead and try 😉
Zeuin Dazera > Challenge accepted.
Proclus Diadochu > Seriously poor showing.
Amika Inspace > We have plenty
Amika Inspace > But your not a big enough threat to care
Proclus Diadochu > Then meet us on the hole, mr. plenty.
Proclus Diadochu > Oh.. nothing..
Amika Inspace > QQ
Amika Inspace > Your point is?
Zeuin Dazera > We’ll have fun with these guys
Amika Inspace > Go away stinky Mercs
Zeuin Dazera > We’re not sitting afraid in our pos right now.
Proclus Diadochu > I want you to apologize and pay 1 bil. Or we evict you
Amika Inspace > LOL
Proclus Diadochu > I hope you don’t though. This will be fun.
Goothie > to put it bluntly
Goothie > get fucked
Goothie > XD
Amika Inspace > Your welcome to try
Amika Inspace > PLEASE try and evict us
Proclus Diadochu > ok
Zeuin Dazera > Any directors online?
Proclus Diadochu > Guess not
EVE System > Subspace communication beacon unreachable. Channel list unavailable.

Shortly, thereafter, we placed a couple cloaky scouts in their system, and began arranging a timeline for an assault. It wasn’t really a priority, but it all became a non-issue when I received word that ‘Privavarian’, a member and director of Council of Nox, member corp of Black Mesa Complex had convo’d one of our cloaky scouts and asked to speak with us:

[Redacted Alt] > o/
Privavarian > How are you?
[Redacted Alt] > doin good
Privavarian > Good 🙂
Privavarian > Earlier Zeuin Dazera was asking for a director
[Redacted Alt] > im guessing that is you?
Privavarian > Indeed
[Redacted Alt] > our offer still stands
Privavarian > I dont really know whats going on lol
Privavarian > I got home, and have heard bits and peices
[Redacted Alt] > basically we jumped into your system and tried to get pvp
[Redacted Alt] > didnt happen
Privavarian > So we will have to start from the beginning
[Redacted Alt] > but then got insulted by your members
Privavarian > Yeah
[Redacted Alt] > telling us we are shit and we cant do anything
Privavarian > I saw that and im EXTREMELY furious about that
Privavarian > I am extremely sorry for that…
[Redacted Alt] > and the offer was 1 bil and a formal apology
[Redacted Alt] > and we will go away
Privavarian > A formal apology is completely reasonable

After this conversation, Privavarian convo’d me. I called JK Shadow (Zeuin Dazera) and we began speaking with him about earlier events:

Privavarian > o/
Privavarian > Evening
Proclus Diadochu > Evening
Privavarian > How are you this evening?
Proclus Diadochu > Doing great, and you?
Privavarian > Actually quite nicely, just got done with a very nice dinner with my family
Proclus Diadochu > So what’s up?
Privavarian > Zeuin Dazera earlier wanted to contact a director
Proclus Diadochu > Sure.
Proclus Diadochu > I’m asking him to log on.
Privavarian > rgr
Proclus Diadochu > He is one of our other directors.
Proclus Diadochu > I’m just the founder and a mildly bored director…
Proclus Diadochu > Occassional diplo
Privavarian > lol
Privavarian > Understood
Zeuin Dazera > o/
Privavarian > o/ Evening Zeuin
Privavarian > How are you?
Zeuin Dazera > Pretty decent.
Proclus Diadochu > Well, I guess there was a little fun between our guys and one of your member corps. They decided to be surprisingly boisterous in local.
Privavarian > Yes..
Proclus Diadochu > We replied in turn
Privavarian > Surprising indeed
Zeuin Dazera > Your corp mates invited us in.
Proclus Diadochu > They challenged us to move them out…
Privavarian > I got a phone call, in the middle of thanks giving dinner with my entire family saying..
Privavarian > “Oh yeah hey btw there was this corp that did nothing but want to boat battle and one of our newb members smack talked.. and now we are scared”
Privavarian > Please understand that we are a corporation that tried to help newbies get better
Privavarian > I myself am relatively new to the entire fold of the alliance, but my extended experience in 0.0 has placed me quickly into a position of leadership
Zeuin Dazera > You might want to have a chat with some of those new members. We take challenges seriously.
Privavarian > The newbies… are a little -.- over zealious apparently
Proclus Diadochu > Most of the Obstergo membership do new member training with out of corp alts all of eve. It is how we sharpen our teeth, and practice various levels of PvP.
Privavarian > Trust me Zeuin
Privavarian > The first thing I did was gag the entire alliance
Proclus Diadochu > Overzealous is something we prize ourselves in curing.
Privavarian > lol
Privavarian > Im with you
Privavarian > If people challenge me it just grinds up my gears
Privavarian > And its battle time 😛
Zeuin Dazera > The big issue here is that you obviously took the time to build caps in your C4 WH.
Privavarian > Indeed
Zeuin Dazera > And we are very good at what we do.
Privavarian > I do not doubt that for an instant
Privavarian > My request is.. is the spirit of thanks giving
Privavarian > That you take my apology, the members who offended you apology and we shake hands and hopefully meet again on the battle field to do boat battles
Zeuin Dazera > I like you.
Privavarian > I will recitfy the behavoir of my newbs
Proclus Diadochu > Seems reasonable and you come off as very professional.
Privavarian > They are idoits
Privavarian > Thank you, same to both of you
Zeuin Dazera > Normally we’d take an isk donation.
Zeuin Dazera > But, in light of you being interrupted during your T-giving dinner… we ask nothing other than mutual pew pew in the future.
Privavarian > I thank you for your kindness and understanding
Zeuin Dazera > And we will remove our multiple alt scanners from your C4.
Privavarian > I will get you those apologies asap
Proclus Diadochu > Thank you
Privavarian > Anything else I can help you with?
Proclus Diadochu > Not that I am aware of.
Zeuin Dazera > That’s all.
Privavarian > Excellent, again I thank you for your understanding
Privavarian > Thanks 🙂
Proclus Diadochu > No problem
Zeuin Dazera > o/
Proclus Diadochu > o/
Privavarian > o7 Fly safe Gentlemen
Proclus Diadochu > You too
(Privivarian leaves channel)
Zeuin Dazera > Derp.
Proclus Diadochu > Wow…
Proclus Diadochu > Nice guy…

Shortly after that, we receive three mails, disseminated to the corporation, and now shared with you:

A formal apology from Black Mesa Complex
From: Privavarian
Sent: 2012.11.23 05:14
To: Zeuin Dazera,

Good Evening,

Regretfully, this evening some of my members decided to forgo common sense and instead talked smack to a superiour fleet for absolutely no logical reason. I would like to extend my personal apology to the members who where on the receiving end of this harrassment, as it is not the type of behavoir I expect or promote from my members. I have taken action so this behavoir does not repeat itself in the future, and thank all of you for your understanding. It was a pleasure to converse with your staff and hope to boat battle in the future.

Till then,
CEO of NOX, Fleet Commander of Black Mesa

From: Amika Inspace
Sent: 2012.11.23 04:53
To: Zeuin Dazera,

Hey, I said some things to your guys in local that shouldn’t have been said, I’m sorry and I hope we can have some fun in the future. o/

Bad Call.
From: Jovian Disciple
Sent: 2012.11.23 04:27
To: Zeuin Dazera,

Hey, sorry about antagonzing you guys :(, . I didn’t mean to be harsh or brash just didn’t understand who I was talking to.

I Made my alliance friends very nervous and I’m glad we could work this out without escalation.


Noone died, noone ransomed, but this event was rather enjoyable, and our members took a tidbit of pride in the outcome of this chance encounter with a very boisterous, although regretful C4 alliance. In the end, I leave you with this:

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