Obstergo Recruitment Policy: Published

[Policy] Corporate Recruitment & Projects
From: Fillory
Sent: 2012.11.13 22:51
To: Obstergo

The following is for edification on corporate recruitment directives and project requirements. Any
personnel attempting to attain membership in Obstergo are now required to complete the following:

1) Join ‘ObstergoNET’, establish interview with a corporate recruiter/director.

Primary Recruiters: Dasani Waters, Jilozz, Pantuf, Thor66777 [2nd] Proc, Trail, JK, Dexter
[They will establish interview question list and organize internally for interviewing process.]

2) All applying members will provide a FULL API to the four primary recruiters via evemail.
[Failure to provide a FULL API will result in automatic rejection of application to Obstergo.]

3) Once interview is completed, applying members will remain in ‘ObstergoNET’ no less than 48
hours, and will have a ‘post interview followup’ no longer than 5 days after initial interview.
[Secondary interview will consist of two or more recruiters/directors asking followup questions.]

4) After followup interview, Dasani Waters will call for a vote on the applying member, where the
directorship will determine the membership of the applicant with all the information provided.

5) If member is voted in, prospective member is then required to complete an ‘Arts and Crafts’
Project. The Project is “any positive artistic depiction of the Obstergo Corporation via any
medium”. Bonus points for any “subtle George Clooney reference”. Full membership of Obstergo
judges the Arts and Crafts project. [Doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, just a decent attempt.]

6) After this simple process is completed, member is accepted into Obstergo as a “new member”.

ALL Current Members are encouraged to do an ARTS AND CRAFTS Project. It has the capactiy to
be fun and also provides the corporation with fun propoganda for me to meta all over the internet.
Thanks for your time and attention.

Executive Policier
Obstergo, XHALE

Co-Founder, JK Shadow, submitted an early [Arts and Crafts] project as a template for other members and prospective members:

Obstergo 2013 Recruitment Poster

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