Sabre’s ‘Farms and Fields’ SOV Redesign

The current state of sovereignty warfare, in my opinion, has the potential to be updated in a way to better the dynamic while also opening the door for the smaller alliances and corps to facilitate warfare. The methodology does not include removing the sovereignty units, but changing the mechanics and better integrating the system. I will discuss each unit and how it integrates into the system, in the end, bringing the system together.

Territorial Claim Unit (TCU): Each system in the null community will require a TCU to control the sovereignty of the solar system. That mechanic won’t change, however the integration and operation of the unit will change. I would propose the following changes to TCU’s:

Fuel Requirements: As opposed to sinking isk into a billing system, I would propose implementing a system of fueling requirements based around moon mining. This would obviously affect manufacturing, but would also provide means of living within the means of your ‘empire’. The fueling would be based on a grade system, implementing the Rarity table, depending on the moon minerals you use to prevent monopolies, and capitalizing on regional assets. This would require a new Player Owned Station module known as a ‘Fuel Blending Array’.

Table 1.

Rarity Table
04: Atmospheric Gases, Evaporate Deposits, Hydrocarbons, Silicates (1x)
08: Cobalt, Scandium, Titanium, Tungsten (1.3x)
16: Cadmium, Vanadium, Chromium, Platinum (1.6x)
32: Ceasium, Technetium, Hafnium, Mercury (1.9x)
64: Promethium, Dysprosium, Neodymium, Thulium (2.5x)

Ex) Promethium/Caesium/Cobalt blend Blend would equate to: 2.5 x 1.9 x 1.3 = 6.18 hours/unit

Meaning that the more ‘premium’ the mixtures, the better the fuel, the longer your TCU’s run without refueling. As far as unit size, I’d suggest the unit size only vary slightly and TCU’s fuel bays match to a max with full (2.5x) grade mix to allow for 1 month limitation.

TCU Inter Connectivity: To remove the requirement of timers and develop a better strategy based scheme with sovereignty warfare, I propose connecting systems through TCU’s for empire development and infrastructure. I would remove the 5 Tier SOV system and replace it with a requirement that systems connect via TCU to add and upgrade systems. This will make for better ‘empire’ development and would focus on the use of the iHUB.

We would begin by requiring connecting systems be controlled by a 2/3 majority to install an Infrastructure Hub (iHUB). Once a 2/3 control is achieved, then the iHUB can be successfully onlined and becomes ‘invulnerable’. iHUB upgrading will be discussed in the iHUB section, but I will also be adding changes to allow for the iHUB to play a more strategic role in null empires. When contesting an area, once the 2/3 majority TCU control is lost, the iHUB will offline (losing your active upgrades) and the iHUB becomes vulnerable. No timers for the iHUB will exist.

**Please Note** The Sovereignty Blockade Unit (SBU) system will remain as is, except the online time will change to 8 hours, to provide the SOV holders the time to muster a defense force if capable.

Ex) 5-CQDA, Delve, has 5 connecting systems. Once 3 of the 5 systems is under the same alliance control, then an iHUB can be placed and onlined in system.

Ex) S-6HHN, Delve, has 1 connecting system. Once 5-CQDA is under the same alliance control, then an iHUB can be placed and onlined in system.

**Please Note** The iHUB span of influence will only be to the home and connecting systems. iHUB size and manufacturing requirements will change to make this proposal more viable.

Infrastructure Hub (iHUB): Firstly, to make this feasible, it is important to change the size and manufacturing requirements to make them more cost effective. Since with my proposal, iHUB’s will play such an important role in developing the systems under it’s control. iHUB’s will only effect the system it resides and any connecting systems. The following will be controlled by the iHUB along with the upgrades already in use:

Stations: Supporting the ‘Farms and Fields’ vision, I would propose that player built Stations become destructible. Variable upgrade slots would exist in the iHUB to allow a destructible station to be built in the system/s chosen by the alliance via the iHUB. The option would list the systems available and the alliance executor then selects which system to build. Once the Station is built, it becomes invulnerable.

In this plan, the only way to destroy the station would be to offline/destroy the iHUB, which would require the vulnerability of the iHUB via the taking of more than 1/3 the iHUB’s surrounding systems. Although this removes the timers, the defenders still have the ability to engage in defense and/or diplomacy. In any empire, everything is interconnected.

Local: To further inter connectivity, local chat will become a privilege to the more cultured empires. Local chat will only exist in systems under the coverage of an upgraded iHUB with the ‘Local Upgrade’. Once the iHUB offlines, local is gone. This mechanic will actually add the legendary ‘fog of war’. This would also explain why wormholes do not have local, as the upgrade and iHUB itself are impossible, since the mechanics prevent sovereignty.

There is far more to the ‘farms and fields’ vision and empire development, but this is my initial proposal on this topic. A productive and polite discussion is highly encouraged and would be appreciated. Thanks.

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