Obstergo, A Brief History: Year One

The Northern Coalition was on the verge of collapse, and her many former members had dispersed throughout New Eden in search of new homes.  Our own alliance, OWN Alliance, had virtually disbanded, with the exception of a couple of our members still fighting for control of our home in Vale of the Silent.  We had a small reputation, mostly due to the irrational demeanor of our alliance leadership, but that wasn’t our concern at this point.  Right now, we were fighting to maintain our home as the Russians and their associates, Pandemic Legion, continued their push toward Tribute.

Scorched Earth and fire sales could be seen everywhere as members fled and the major Coalition members retreated to Tribute for their final stand.  We managed to take a Technetium moon from Pandemic Legion, after which they responded by forcing us out of Vale all together.  After the final stand of our small band of misfits, we finally decided that we were through with the Coalition that had abandoned us, and with the direction of null politics, we decided to move into the w-space community.  We had friends who lived in a class four wormhole already and decided to reside with them.  We joined their fledgling alliance, Tragedy, and together worked diligently to make a name for ourselves.  Eventually we moved into a class five and our direction seemed to be promising.  Little did we know that the carebear infestation and thirst for isk was corrupting the very fabric of our alliance.

Soon, combat fleets were standing down, preferring to run sites over rolling wormholes, and the consensus from two of the CEO’s was that fights could just come to us, and we should invest time into making isk over searching for fights, as fights, according to one, were not very profitable.  With this new attitude, a small group of us decided that the time had come for us to take action.  I resigned my directorship of Varion Galactic and formed Obstergo.  Initially, there were only six of us.  Before too long we were consuming all of the members of Tragedy who preferred the player versus player environment that our alliance often advocated.  Obstergo began taking wars to everyone, and eventually the time came for us to make our move.

One day during an operation, searching for a fight, we came across a perfect opportunity to drop Dreadnaughts in our static class five and then safely get them home.  One of the CEO’s voiced his opinion of this plan and stated it would be more lucrative to roll the wormhole and run sites, as he needed the isk for his corporation.  We exchanged choice words, after which allowed him to take his band of carebears and roll the wormhole.  In the meantime, our guys were standing by.  Obstergo saw another lucrative option.

We waited a couple hours for them to run their sites and when we heard they were coming back, we warped to the static wormhole and bubbled up a Heavy Interdictor.  We had missed many of the mission runners by the time we landed, but we did not miss the Noctis carrying all of their loot from the sites they had run.  We immediately locked him down, and decided to show him and the rest of them how profitable fights actually were.  We destroyed the Noctis, and looted the wreck.  Noone came to save him and for the time being, the wormhole was ours, as noone was prepared to counter our fleet.  After our actions, we left the wormhole and the alliance, telling them that when we visited them again, they would lose their home.

Many of us were ready for a new adventure and somewhat reluctant to search for a new home in the w-space community.  Instead, we began looking for another null alliance to get back into the politics.  The first couple of alliances we found did not work well with our membership.  The Unthinkables were mainly former FOUNDATION and were extremely bittervets that argued via linking their personal killboard stats to declare their superiority over anyone else in any kind of argument or discussion.  Then we went to The Methodical Alliance, a subordinate to NCDOT.  They were mainly renter corporations and basically lied about their desire for good fights.  We left very quickly.

Eventually, we found a fledgling alliance in Querious called Nem3sis.  They were subordinate to Cascade Imminent and were hoping and aspiring for far more.  They were growing quickly and although not the most popular, they were at least trying.  After Goonswarm Federation left Delve, Nem leadership and Cascade leadership decided they would split the space.  Nem leadership double-crossed Cascade and then began to scratch away at the recently abandoned Delve.  It seriously took far too long.  After we had taken three constellations and successfully pissed off Cascade, we restructured the alliance.

Obstergo became an influential member as Proclus Diadochu became the Alliance Military XO and comptroller of the Delve Coaltion, JK Shadow became Deputy Military XO and Alliance Diplomat, 0rnias became the Alliance Recruiter, and Dexter Athon became a Senior Fleet Commander.  We began making drastic changes to attempt to stabilize the region.  We worked to establish good cohesion with Nulli Secunda and Vera Cruz, while Proc worked to mitigate the tension between Archie, CEO of Cascade, and Eden, CEO of Nem3sis.  Things were beginning to stabilize and work themselves out, with exception to the occassionally drama or “incidents” within the coalition and the alliance.

It eventually came to an end when Against ALL Authorities “gave” Delve and Querious to Red Alliance.  They ordered the current residents to leave and attempted to place them elsewhere, however Nulli Secunda, Vera Cruz, and Nem3sis initially refused.  Cascade broke ties with us and moved to the other side of the south and Nem3sis began a thorough chest beating in preparation for the upcoming war.  It was shortly before this time that Proclus Diadochu had temporarily left the game for real life military obligations and left the alliance responsibilities and corporation to JK Shadow, the acting CEO.

During this time, directors began infighting and eventually the Alliance CEO, Lord Britalious, robbed his own alliance and left.  One of the Alliance Fleet Commanders stole the remaining membership to form Persona Non Gratis, then promptly tucked tail and hid in Russian space to become guests of Solar Fleet.  With major influence from 0rnias attempting to maintain a position of authority, as he had let his “video game rank” get to his head, Obstergo leadership was influenced to join PNG.  Obstergo remained with PNG until Proc returned to the game and promptly left the alliance.  It seemed it was time to go back into the w-space community, as that was the direction many of the members wished for the corporation.

We supplemented our losses after leaving null by absorbing Elitist Defeatest and Proclus Diadochu retired from his ‘dictatorship’ to become a casual capsuleer, turning over Obstergo to Trail Stevens.  We joined a group of class six residents, TEMNAVA, and began recuperating our membership and enjoying a fun and casual atmosphere during our timezone.  The other half of TEMNAVA was a group of angry Croatians who were very content with their routine in the wormhole.  For a while, there were few to no issues, and wormhole life was reasonably calm.

One day a notification went out that we had rolled into Tragedy’s wormhole.  Over the next week, we kept our promise and broke their alliance into pieces, eventually settling on a ransom of 15 billion to let them stay.  After destroying a number of their POS’s, having a spy offline one of their towers and stealing two capitals for us to assist our invasion, and the shear stress of our assault, Tragedy alliance collapsed a couple weeks later.  The Alliance CEO left the game and my old corp, Varion, all but died.  It was a glorious ending to that chapter in our history, and well worth the wait.

This brings us to where we are now, still living in w-space and finding fights daily.  We separated ways with our Croatian brethren, stating our differences in fleet methodology and tactics, plus they just always seemed angry.  We have recently joined Exhale and look forward to this next chapter in our history.  Proclus Diadochu reassumed the mantle as CEO for the time being, alternating with Fitz, former Snatch Victory leader and friend.  Our corporation is healthy and continues to grow.  Our community remains close with many of the original members still active within the corporation.  Now we will be moving into the realm of class 6 warfare and will have to see where this adventure takes us.  That concludes the summary of year one of ‘Obstergo, a Brief History’.

Chapter Two: Obstergo, A Brief History: Year Two

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