Obstergo v. Sleeper Social Club

One of the perks to living in wormhole space is the sheer amount of isk potential available. Being primarily a PvP corporation, Obstergo decided to capitalize on that potential. Taking the sleeper money, ransom money, and PvP money, we reinvested it into Faction ships, T3’s, Capitals, and the modules to compliment them. From Deadspace X-Types to Officer/Faction modules, the options were limitless. That is when the Gentleman’s Fleet was born.

The Gentleman’s Fleet, known to most Obstergo members as Gent’s Fleet, is an armor roaming fleet with a slight requirement. With few exceptions, ships flown in Gent’s Fleet must be worth more than 1 Billion Isk. The exceptions are utility ships that provide interdiction and reconnaissance and ofcourse our newbros who usually fly fast tackle for the fleet.

Until recently, we had never lost a ship in the Gent’s Fleet. Like we normally would, the fleet went up and we began rolling the static. The first few holes had no signs of life and it wasn’t looking good for combat this evening. We opened into a C5/SC5 and our scouts scanned down the static and a K162. One went down the static out to a null and a low, and the other scout checked out the K162. In the K162, we received a report that their was an Archon, a Moros, an Orca, 3 Proteus’, two Legions, and some transport ship.

We sent the Heretic to the K162 and he jumped through and bubbled the other side. A short time passed when we heard that one of the Proteus’ reshipped into a Moros and began to align. About a minute later the Heretic went over comms that the Moros landed off the hole. The fleet jumped through the static and went straight for the K162. As we jumped through the Orca and a Proteus landed. We threw points on the Orca and the Proteus and I began to cycle nuets on the Moros and monitoring the capacitor. The Moros began beating down on the Archon, getting him to a third armor before an ‘exile’ was consumed and overheating ensued keeping our Archon truckin along. We drop the Orca and the Proteus and shortly Guardians began warping in, aswell as a couple more T3’s. One of their Proteus’ webbed down the Bhaalgorn and began aggressing and the Moros changed over from the Archon and began hitting me. I attempted to get my transversal up, but between the webs on me and the tracking/damage from the Moros, the Bhaalgorn dropped faster than the Archon could repair.

Primaries were ever changing as their Guardians and T3’s were dropping. They brought in a Falcon that we had to get off field and popped, and quickly they brought in a Revelation, and an Archon/Bhaalgorn combo of their own. The damage became too much for our Archon to handle and the call was made to bump the Archon to help with incoming damage, which seemed to help for only a moment. But the relief was short lived as the Archon entered structure.

The Fleet Commander called for all ships not pointed to warp to safe spots made throughout their system, and pointed ships were to jump through the critical wormhole. Afterwhich, good fights went throughout local from both sides and our fleet was scouted out by the scouts we had left in system.


A special thanks from all of us at Obstergo to the members of Sleeper Social Club for the fight, good fight and look forward to more in future. Thanks!

Videos from the Fight!

Obstergo View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M95r83LgYYQ&feature=youtu.be

Sleeper Social Club View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJxHBVIRhpg

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