Wait Wait Wait… Doesn’t this wormhole regenerate??!!

Pantuf > wait wait wait… doesn’t this wormhole regenerate??!!

Thought about doing an overall on wormhole masses, connections, signatures, and statuses, but instead thought I’d just cover this quote cause he “no balls’d” me pretty much and also talk about some fun we’ve had with wormholes lately.  On the comment by beloved corpie, Pantuf, he was refering to the wormhole we were using for lowsec fun this evening when our wormhole destabilized.  He slightly panicked…

Three days into July and I’ve decided to get active with Obstergo again after a short stint away from EvE while working out some real life obligations.  Noticed our guys have two Carrier kills this month, and caught us a Test Archon ratting in Placid, though he selfdestructed (mr Robot0).  Lucky guy escaped the boards this time.  The other two ratting carriers were less lucky with their reaction time.  We decided to spend the afternoon/evening rollin around Placid lowsec, trollin the locals and killing anything we came across, till the Minnie/Gallente Militia guys brought a 30 man gang out our way to engage our 12 man armor gang.  We had logi, and they brought a decent counter.  Nano/Sniper gang.  Drakes/Canes/Nados/Oracles.

Round one with them, we manage to get them to jump into us and we snatched two of their tier 3’s till they pulled range and snagged our Falcon.  Both of our sides left field, which was odd, but I think we were both feelin it out.

Round two they dropped the full force at range and managed to point our Vigilant, rest of us rolled out since we had no advantage on the field with their range.  They caught two of our battlecruisers on a planet.  They gf’d in local, which was cool, but I stayed my ground and continued to troll.  Life was good and we were getting fights so we decided to leave the hole around and kept looking for fun.

Little later two of the faction warfare sides met on grid in Ostingele on one of the gates.  Our guys decided to get in on the fight and about 9 of our guys rolled over and jumped on grid.  Our Mach pilot was hurting a bit, so we dropped an Archon on field and cleared the fight, everyone ran to regroup.  Our guys lingered while the triage finished, just as the Archon went out, hostiles came back on grid, but our Archon was already jumping out.  Whoops..  Two of our BS’s got tackled and down they went.  Less mass to take back into the C6, so winning a little 😉

About 15-20 minutes later, we hear over comms that one of our guys has a ratting Test Carrier pointed.  Out we went again.  Hotdropped the Archon on him and about the time I warped in with my shiny new Legion, he self destructed.  :Sad Face:

All in all, fun afternoon.  Great fights, Great losses, Great kills.  Would do again.  Love finding people willing to fight and we had plenty of those tonight!  Now rest…  till tomorrow.

Oh and… Pantuf > wait wait wait… doesn’t this wormhole regenerate??!!

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