Sperglord Series, Part 1

After founding Fweddit, the premier Faction Warfare corporation in EVE Online, I thought about exploring the day to day occurrences within the community, especially the interactions of our members.  Of course there is it’s drama, and recently that has revolved around a sperglord who tried to defame the faction warfare powerhouse.

In order to learn more about the recent drama, I sought out interviews with the two primary members involved, Justin Credulent and Xolve. Xolve has confirmed that everything Justin said during the interview was true, and the following is an interview with Justin right before he was heading off to play Minecraft and managed to get a brief interview.


Sam Sabre: So tell us about yourself. Why did you join Fweddit?

Justin Credulent: Well there’s not much to tell really. I saw the subreddit on reddit.com/r/fweddit and having played EvE on and off for about a year, thought I would try to join in and be an asset to the growing corp, Fweddit. Boy was I wrong.

Sam Sabre: Why do you say that?

Justin Credulent: Let’s just say I am useless to any organization really… And also I can be quite the nerd.

Sam Sabre: So I’ve been noticing. There’s been some recent postings on their subreddit. What’s that all about?

Justin Credulent: I lied in another subreddit so other nerds wouldn’t know I’m a virgin. 🙂

Sam Sabre: I understand it has something to do with, what was it, the herp?

Justin Credulent: Yep. I figured that people wouldn’t argue about someone braggin about getting herp, so they would never guess I was a virgin!

Sam Sabre: So did it burn?

Justin Credulent: Yes.

Sam Sabre: So what about the outpost drama?

Justin Credulent: I fired first. I really got nothing on that… I just wanted to whore some LP, and still don’t see what the deal was…

Sam Sabre: Right. I understand there was some sort of epic argument in Corp Chat over this, and Fwedditors say that ultimately you were kicked for “being a douchefag”. Can you elaborate on that?

Justin Credulent: Fweddit kicked me because I was a tool and being a douchefag. You pretty much summed it up there, Sam. I wanted to maintain my EVE “coolness”, so I tried to act like I left on my own, but really I was crying everynight in my room, wondering why everyone hated me so much. I really regret being a douche to Xolve.

Really though, I don’t blame them that much. I think I just got ahead of myself and didn’t stop to think about shooting a blue and arguing with leadership before reacting, and now I feel stupid about it. That tends to happen when tools like me act out in corps like Fweddit where douchefag and nerdlike behaviour isn’t tolerated.

Sam Sabre: Well, I’m sure you feel real bad about failing at life. Do you plan to biomass?

Justin Credulent: I tried to firesale this character the other day and bumped it too many times and got locked by ISD. I’m a scrub 🙂 lololo

Sam Sabre: I couldn’t imagine how you feel. So what are your plans now?

Justin Credulent: Well, I will probably delete everything out of embarrassment and move to West Virginia.

Sam Sabre: Good luck with that, Justin.

Justin Credulent: No problem! Fly safe. 🙂


In conclusion, I would advise newer players to be cool with militia mates if they want to try Factional Warfare. Fweddit clearly has a strongly established moral fiber, and this creates an environment that is positively hostile to douchefags – especially douchefags that are whoring LP and acting like asshats. If you’re in the adult world, as Xolve would say, and don’t have time to deal with teenage drama, then give Fweddit a try and enjoy the war on the Amarr sideAfter all, there’s a reason we’re doing so well in the war, “BIG PLAYS”!!!

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