War on the Four

For those of you who endure the Amarr Militia’s famous ‘militia chat’, you are already well aware of the nerdlord known to all as Cynthia Nezmor.  Nezmor and her/his four man corporation, Nezmor’s Golden Griffins, recently left Amarr 7th Fleet.  Some believe that the new found bromance between ‘I Whip My Slaves Back Forth’ and ‘Amarr 7th Fleet’ was becoming too much for “Must be center of BitterScrub attention” Nezmor, causing the four man corporation to leave their open minded brethren and declare war against Fweddit friends, Lost Obsession.  Lost Obsession is home to Fweddit brosefs, Wolfsbrigade.

Due to fear of any harm to our brethren at Lost Obsession, Hylora and team decided it was time for ‘I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth’ to step in and protect our friends from this new four man menace…   No Wolf will die on our watch!

~ There are probably no facts in this story, other than we did assist on the wardec between the four man corp and Lost Obsession and Cynthia is a nerdlord ~

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