Diplos, Narwhals, Soldiers, Spy

The following happened a few weeks ago, however I am inclined to preserve the story because for those of us involved, it was one hell of a time.  This involves the world of wormholes and the wars within…

A while back, during the collapse of the old Northern Coalition, a group of friends and I decided it was time to leave nullsec and helped to form a small wormhole alliance known as Tragedy.  Within a short stint, we were growing well, and pvp was plentiful.  The sad fact was that the rich profits from wormhole PVE was turning a few of our members into the carebears we had grown to despise, and during this time a bit of a scuffle broke out within the alliance.  We ganked the leader of the bears and ended up leaving the wormhole.

The ganked, Riseoffilth, assumed role as the leader of the broken alliance, and they drifted into silence, and we formed Obstergo, which moved around nullsec until settling with a fledgling alliance in Querious, NEM3.  Little did we know about the fail that decision became.


We then joined TEMNAVA, a Pulsar C6/SC5 wormhole alliance that was definitely a decent place for us to chill.  I began to practice my ransoming techniques, sharpening my teeth on random folk we happened by throughout our static rolling each night.  After only a couple weeks, I had made a few billion ransoming and having a good time, then one day I get a text message from one of my buddies, “you won’t believe who’s static we just rolled into… Tragedy.”

We dive a few ships and scanners in and Trail Stevens tosses his Archon through.  Narwhals had a roaming gang running around and happened through a K162 into the same hole.  We thought they may have been hired once Riseoffilth realized we were in their home hole, but after dicking around for a few, they left.  We took control of the hole and a couple of days later declared seige of the Tragedy system, known as the “Glory Hole”.

I contact Rise as a diplomat and begin discussing terms.  He refused terms initially and laughed it off.  We incapacitate three of their alliance POS’s, yet he still played the siege off as a joke, which made us believe that it would be possible that he was working on mercenaries.  Shortly, after that, was when we saw a Narwhal scanner in system attempting to get the exit.  I asked Rise if he had hired Narwhals, but he denied anything except telling them that he was about to be seiged and invited them for the kills.

After controlling the Glory Hole’s static for hours and getting a couple carriers and a few dreads in, we then dug our heels in and prepared for the full assault.  We set up a POS and I began communicating with one of my old Tragedy buddies, [Redacted], who was interested in working with us.  He had grown bored with Tragedy and was really interested in getting back with the old group, so I asked him to do a few things for me.  Looking at the fact that Riseoffilth had set up well defended POS’s and had the trained gunner alts to manage them, I knew that to attack the POS’s meant losses on our side, and I wasn’t interested in having those.  I again told Rise I would be interested in terms, and again he told me I would never see any isk outta his pocket.

I told [Redacted] I would need his help to manipulate the course of this assault, since I didn’t want the losses, and asked him to offline his POS, one of the three Varion POS’s and kick out any ships for our men to ship up for the assault on the other two POS’s.  [Redacted] was reluctant at first, however I convinced him this course of action would be the best way to win this seige.  He realized one of his POSmates had logged with a Naglfar and Nidhoggur still stored in the POS.  He kicked those for us, which added two more capitals to our fleet, kicked a couple other ships for the TEMNAVA invaders, and offlined the POS before warping to a safe and logging off.

We tore down the offlined POS with ease, even popping one of Riseoffilth’s alts when he warped to the POS during the engagement.  With this loss, DJSwitch47, director of Narwhals contacted us and began negotiations.  We knew that they would be unable to bring any force due to our control over the static, however they insisted on playing middlemen.  They asked for terms, and what it would take for us to cease the engagement.  They persisted, even having one of their members continue to rant about being ready to attack us, even though they didn’t have an entrance, I assume to scare us into terms with Tragedy.  I initially told them 30 billion isk to cease the engagement, and after a few minutes they informed me that “their client” could not afford that price.

At that point, I began to troll Riseoffilth in “ObstergoNET”, our public channel about hiring mercenaries and not fighting us.  I then told him that I would just have more friends tear down the walls of Tragedy from the inside until nothing was left if he did not come to terms.  He finally gave in and told me he could not afford 30 billion, but could probably pool in about half that.  He tried to negotiate around 10 billion and we finally settled at 15 billion and we kept the capitals.  15 minutes later, DJ of Narwhals told us in another chat that his client would agree to a settlement of 15 billion, to which I lol’d and agreed.  At this point I had to leave for “real life” commitments.

In the end, Chribba was arranged as 3rd party for the 15 billion, the Naglfar was sold to a member for 2 bil (fully fit) and I bought the Niddy for 1 bil (fully fit), and between the kills, destruction, ships, and ransom came to a total of around 20 billion or so divided equally between the involved corporations.  This wasn’t bad for the engagement, and I’m sure Rise paid Narwhals out on his end for “arbitrating” the deal.

Recently, Tragedy has collapsed completely, with all their members leaving the Glory Hole, SKS dropping alliance, many individual members leaving the couple of remaining corps or going dormant.  The siege was successful and in the end, we finally beat Tragedy, which was something our group of friends was looking forward to for a long time, and made a bit of isk doing it.

All in all, nothing like some good old fashioned Hatfields and McCoys in w-space.

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