The war that almost was…

Fweddit has been in the Amarr militia now a few weeks, and honestly I feel that we are doing an awesome job of dying gloriously while sometimes killing gloriously. We sometimes joke about how our goal efficiency is about 10%, but frankly we have been tearing that up. That is a minor note to the fact that our allies sometimes seem to care more about our performance than we do. It’s true, we prefer to just have fun and if we welpfest, who cares?

Well, over the weeks, we have learned that some DO care. So much in fact, that a clear rift between Fweddit and the Amarr 7th Fleet was forming in the militia. This rift was most definately unfair to the various other corporations and alliances within the Amarr Militia and on behalf of Fweddit, I apologize for the hilarious chats and mails you had to endure. I know it was rough.

For a short stint, it was beginning to become apparent to me that this may actually cause a war between the two entities. Now, I am not a roleplayer, but I feel I have a decent imagination. This is why after seeing the continued issues between Fweddit and Amarr 7th Fleet, I may have wrote a little post on reddit about the drama for a little personal and shared amusement:

Now, ofcourse we have great diplomats, regardless of what some may suggest, and between Durr and Shylari, Fweddit and Amarr 7th Fleet have come to a better understanding. The unfortunate fact is the couple bitter members within Amarr 7th will still hate us, I’m sure. But honestly, we can all agree that an Amarr Civil War would have been awesome. It is a shame that our diplos are great at what they do, but in the end, it is a good thing because Amarr 7th have some great members who want to simply nuke minnies along with us, and that is what we’ll do.

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